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Raising Awareness of Mental Health

May is Mental Health Awareness Month and this year, more than then ever, brands recognize the need to connect with people to normalize, support, educate and provide resources around mental health. To spotlight the importance of focusing on well-being, OUTFRONT partnered with Jay Shetty, author and purpose coach, to bring positive mantras to Indians during their daily commutes and activities for the month of May. This channel, Moments in Health, which is the most recent addition to the Moments content series, provides simple, attainable, and powerful statements. The quotations are small reminders that can help reduce anxiety or concerns that people may be experiencing in that moment. The content is purposely relevant to the environment in which it is seen and the background colors vary dependent on time of day (pictured above). With over 60% of young adults reporting that the pandemic has had negative impact on their mental health, the subway environment, with an increasingly young ridership, makes it the perfect opportunity to reach this engaged demographic with the right message.

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COVID-19 forced many adults to turn to telehealth methods in order to receive medical care. Following positive initial experiences with virtual appointments during lockdown, adults are now more trusting of telehealth as a primary method of medical care. Sondermind tapped into the telehealth trend with its offering of Video Therapy as a great way to speak to someone virtually.

The OOH messaging, pictured below, aligns with their digital strategy and 100% of May's proceeds will be donated to Project Healthy Minds.


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