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Advertising at Calicut Airport

Also known as Karipur Airport, Calicut International Airport is located in Karipur, about 25 KMs from Kozhikode and 20 KMs Malappuram. This important airport serves these two cities of God’s Own State, Kerala, and beyond. Calicut Airport offers the gateway to both Indian as well as international guests coming into country through this airport. This airport receives a massive footfall of the whole population of tourists visiting the beautiful state of Kerala. Hence, branding at Calicut airport ensures that your business/company gets the right amount of engagement with the audience while they wait at the airport.

Branding at Calicut Airport

  • Image of Advertising at Calicut Airport
  • Image of Advertising at Calicut Airport

Calicut Airport has received the tag of being the third busiest airport in Kerala which means that advertisements being displayed in the airport premises will receive as much attention flight announcements do. The advantage of airports advertising serving a state heavily reliant on tourism is that it invites people from all over the country as well as the world, seeking both national as well as global attention for the promotional content of your company’s profile on the branding at the airport.

With globalization at its peak and airlines dropping prices at jaw-dropping rates, people are taking the flight more than ever, meaning that even local flights within the country are now an economically feasible mode of transport for the Indian mass. This makes branding at airports like Calicut International Airport even more advantageous and cost-effective.

Investment in advertisement of a company/business’s profile is inevitable. It is the manner in which the investment is made which makes the difference. Branding at airports is now the trending fashion to reach the masses, both national and global, and the get the word of your business out there without having to personally engage with the audience and yet involve in high intensity engagement through promotion at Indian airports.


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