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Federation of Airport Media Owners is an apex body that brings together all Media Owner Organisations in the Airport Out-Of-Home (AOOH) space in India.

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Our mission is to understand prevailing economic conditions, envisage the future to develop a healthy and competitive business environment in the AOOH industry.

Our member companies

  • Times Out of Home Advertising
  • Century Media
  • Ajanta Advertisers
  • Accord Advertisers
  • Fastrack Marketing Services
  • GK Advertisers
  • Khushi Advertisers
  • Marquis Advertisers
  • NS Advertisers
  • Orange Solutions
  • Prakash Arts
  • Proactive Marketing
  • Sigma Trade Wings
  • Signpost Advertisers
  • Srishti Advertisers
  • TDI Advertisers

FAMO’s present membership of 15 Media Owner Organizations have exclusive advertising rights at 60 AAI-operated airports across India

FAMO’s vision is to act as a catalyst between the government, media agencies & brand advertisers, and members of the federation in order to transform itself into a force to reckon with on matters affecting the Airport Out-Of-Home industry in India.

Vision of FAMO
Mission of FAMO

FAMO has a present membership of 15 Media Owner Organizations having exclusive advertising rights at 60 AAI-operated airports across the country. FAMO also works towards developing an ecosystem to make airport media more innovative and efficient so as to gain competitive edge over other media mixes. FAMO works closely with different stakeholders to elevate the industry by accelerating the tempo of its constant growth. It endeavors to articulate the genuine and legitimate interests and concerns of its members to ensure balanced growth in the AOOH space.

What's AOOH?

AOOH, also known as Airport-Out-Of-Home, is a new chapter in the world of advertising and comprises of any visual advertising media found outside of the home, at the airports and in-flight.

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  • Digital Display Airport Marketing Digital Screens
  • Banners Airport Marketing Billboards
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  • Flag Posts Airport Marketing Flag Posts
  • Pillar Wraps Airport Marketing Pillar Wraps
  • Product Display Counter Airport Marketing Product Display Counter
  • Security Tray Airport Marketing Security Tray
  • Conveyor Belt Airport Marketing Conveyor Belt
  • Lounge Media Airport Marketing Lounge Media
  • Trolley Branding Airport Marketing Trolley Branding
  • Brand Activation Airport Marketing Brand Activation
  • Mobile Charging Unit Airport Marketing Mobile Charging Unit
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This phrase represents our core philosophy of shared dreams through a common wing.

FAMO as an association, we stand for the common interests of our members, and growth & flourishment of the AOOH industry.